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Serving customers throughout Essex and Chatham-Kent, Victoria Railings specializes in providing a spectacular finish for your residential or commercial property. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an estimate!

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Our Work Speaks Volumes

Here at Victoria Railings our work speaks volumes! Our attention to detail, quality, and superior product is matched only by our dedication to prompt and professional service. Before getting in touch, feel free to peruse our portfolio to see a selection of the many projects we've had the oppertunity to complete.

Concrete Porch Railing
Wooden Deck Railing
Wooden Stairway outfitted with a spectacular railing
Rear Porch
Retaining Wall Stairway
Custom Railing

Materials & Installation Quality

Industry wide, aluminum railings are known to provide long lasting beauty and elgance; but not all railings are the same. Attention to detail matters and inventive engineering seperate our product from the rest. But product alone does not make the difference, quality and attentive installation seperates our installations from the rest.

Professional Service

Here at Victoria Railings & Fence our quality of materials and installation is matched only by our commitment to prompt, friendly, professional service. We believe a truly successful experience is one that correlates exceptional product with outstanding customer service. It is a privilege to work alongside our customers and because of this we are committed to a professional informative friendly service.

AAMA 2004 Powder Coating

Meeting and exceeding the American Architectural Manufactures Association's guidelines on exterior finishes; you can be assured that your railing is protected from UV bleeching and fade.