Kingsville Fence Bylaw 127-2017 FAQ

Are you planning to construct a fence in Kingsville? Great news! Here are some helpful guidelines and answers on the Town of Kingsville regulations to ensure that your fence project is safe and compliant with local bylaws.
Updated Feb 2023 - This is a general guide, since changes are constantly happening consult the building department to verify the specifics of your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. We've installed a plenty of fences in town proper and around the surrounding area. In fact, one of our first big railing jobs was right behind Pelee Island Winery. Reach out, and we'd be happy to talk.

Yes, you do. According to the Town of Kingsville's bylaw, a building permit is required for the construction of a fence in Kingsville's residential zones.

The cost of a permit to construct a fence in Kingsville may vary depending on the size and complexity of the fence, as well as the time and resources required to process the application. You may need to contact the Town of Kingsville's Building Department for more information on the specific fees and requirements.

The bylaw does not specify the materials that can be used to construct a fence in Kingsville. However, the fence must comply with the zoning regulations, such as the height and setback requirements, and must not obstruct sight visibility triangles or impede traffic safety.

No, you cannot. According to the bylaw, barbed wire is not allowed as a fencing material in Kingsville's residential zones.

No, you cannot. The use of electric current or any other type of electrically charged fencing is prohibited in Kingsville's residential zones.

No, you cannot. The bylaw prohibits the posting of any signs, advertisements, or other displays on fences, except for those related to the sale or lease of the property.

Yes, you do. According to the bylaw, the finished side of the fence must face outward from the property, and both sides of the fence must be finished uniformly in appearance.

The maximum height limits for fences in Kingsville's residential zones are as follows -

  • 6 feet for rear yards,
  • 4 feet for front yards,
  • and 6 feet for side yards adjacent to a rear yard. For side yards adjacent to a street, the maximum height is 4 feet.

A sight visibility triangle is an area of unobstructed vision at an intersection, which is necessary for traffic safety. In Kingsville's residential zones, fences must not obstruct the sight visibility triangle, which is defined as the area of the lot within 6 meters of the intersection of the street lines.

No, you cannot. The bylaw specifies that the maximum height of a fence includes any archways, decorative items, or structural posts that are part of the fence.

Yes, you can. However, the fence must comply with the zoning regulations and must not exceed the maximum height limits for the particular yard.

The bylaw does not specifically address privacy screens. However, if you are constructing a privacy screen as part of a fence, it must comply with the height and setback requirements for

Yes, according to the Town of Kingsville bylaw, all gates that provide access to a swimming pool must be equipped with a self-closing and self-latching device. This requirement is intended to help prevent unauthorized access to the pool area, especially by young children who may not be able to swim or who may not be supervised by an adult. The self-closing and self-latching device should be installed in such a way that the gate will close and latch automatically from any position when released from a point at least 1.5 meters (5 feet) above ground level. The gate must also open outwards away from the pool area.

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