Types of Automated Swing Gates

Looking for an automated swing gate, but not sure which one will be best suited to your property & your needs? 
Here is a comprehensive guide to the different types of swing gates available.

Single Swing Gate

The single swing vehicle gate is a popular choice for a single laneway or single / small
These gates have a single leaf, a ride on one set of hinges – swinging either inwards or outwards depending on the environment/terrain. When choosing a single swing gate, make sure to allocate enough room for the gate to swing open – equal to the width of the gate opening. For example, if you gate opening is 12’, you will require a 12’ arc behind or in front of the gate.

Diagram of arc path of a single swing gate
Diagram of the arc path of a double swing gate

Double Swing Gates

Double swing vehicle gates consist of two leaves, each swung off their respective gate posts – inwards or outwards depending on your property. Typically you’ll see large luxurious estates in Russel Woods[Postal Code Region: N8N 2S6] setting the entrance to their property with gates like this.

Double swing drive gates are ideal for driveways that require a large span. [>13’] Unlike the single swing gate, an equalized pair of double swing gates will only require an arc that extends half the width of the gate opening – inwards or outwards. For example, with a 22’ wide gate opening setup for a pair of double drive gates – you need to provide a clearance of 11’ inside or outside of the gate for only the gate swing. It’s important to note, that additional space beyond this is required for safety considerations necessitated by UL325. While each gate install is unique, typically an additional 5’ is requires for installation of safety loops[these can be installed under gravel or saw cut into asphalt as needed]

Diagram of the arc path of a Bi-Fold Gate

Bi-Fold Swinging Gates

Where space is at a premium, Bi-fold gates can be the solution to fit the security you want into a constrained space. Each leaf of the bifold gate will “fold” in halve when in the open position; this means only ¼ of the gate opening distance is required for the swing of the gate.

As you can imagine, this is this an ideal feature – however it does come at a price. To build these gates in a manner that accounts for the snowy conditions that we’ll see here in Canada; and manage the freezing rain that Windsor-Essex encounters comes at a significant premium to a typical gate[2x-3x]. For that reason customers typically elect to change from a swing gate to a  cantilever slide gate.

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